Growing Together

WHAT DAY IS IT TODAY? Like any other ordinary week, I went grocery shopping at TJ’s after work on a Friday evening. What seemed like an ordinary evening wasn’t so ordinary after all. As I entered the store, my mouth dropped. The shelves were all cleared off as nothing remained- no fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, frozen… Continue reading Growing Together

“My Times Are In Your Hands”

I'm late by a month but hello, 2020! So the new year started and BAM I turned 29, with only a year left until I'm 30. Even though I am reminded daily by my loved ones that I'm getting older and approaching the age where I should be married, have kids, and get a house, etc., I… Continue reading “My Times Are In Your Hands”

The Dot.

I vividly recalled that hot summer day from 4 years ago. I laid on the carpet floor as the ceiling fan rhythmically ran with this immense hallow feeling of nothingness. I completed my undergrad at the time and my parents were proud; extended families congratulated me and asked whether I was excited or not. No. I… Continue reading The Dot.

The Final Page in my Passport

My trip to Vietnam didn't go as expected this time. When I was a child, I recalled how my parents told me there will be a day where we could all go as a family to Vietnam, but I knew it was merely a desire that was hard to attain. It wasn't until I taught in South… Continue reading The Final Page in my Passport

Where is Home?

People say traveling broadens your horizons. Traveling helps you become more versatile with changes,and understand your purpose in life. I’ve been on the go for the past five years. I've studied in  Japan, worked in South Korea, lived in New York, studied in  Italy, and now heading to the Philippines! WHEW! By this rate, I’ve honestly forgotten… Continue reading Where is Home?

“Goditi il Momento.”

Within the past few weeks in Europe, Italy never ceases to amaze me. From the language, culture, and the education I'm attaining in the classrooms, I'm most grateful for the opportunity to utilize these practical skills within the Italian community. My daily life starts out with breakfast set on the dining table. From a variety… Continue reading “Goditi il Momento.”

Be More Barrio

Belongings packed, tickets purchased, visa at hand, and I'm all ready to check out soon. By God's grace, I'm ready to fly out for a year in Italy and the Philippines. Although exhilarated with the adventure, I'm still a tad bit nervous with what I'll encounter when I arrive. For the past year, I was grateful with the chance to… Continue reading Be More Barrio

The Common Thread

  “An intense humanism lies at the heart of their success- Shared values of intimacy, community, and openness.” Renowned by The Wall Street Journal as the top 6 regional theatres in the nation, there lies a challenge. “How can a theatre company that’s small and intimately built not lose its way when it grows bigger?… Continue reading The Common Thread

What Connects Us As Humans

As much as I’ve emotionally prepared myself before coming to New York, I still find myself dumbfounded by the new things that unexpectedly occur each day. The transition as a graduate student is prominently different. Realistically speaking, the struggles to adapt are REAL. While adapting, one thing I find fascinating about New York is its… Continue reading What Connects Us As Humans

A Remarkable Tapestry

Bursts of excitement, exhilaration, the countdown, the resolutions... Once again, it's a new welcoming for the arrival of 2016. As I bid farewell to 2015, I took some time to reflect on the wondrous blessings God has given me while I was in South Korea. From the days of contentment, to the days of disappointments, the… Continue reading A Remarkable Tapestry