The Road That Got Me There

It has been awhile since I last sat down and blogged about my thoughts- life. Since our last conversation, I've graduated and left New York in December. After graduation, I landed on a job within my area of interest. The rest was history, I packed my bags and moved into a much smaller town down … Continue reading The Road That Got Me There


The Dot.

I vividly recalled that hot summer day from 4 years ago. I laid on the carpet floor as the ceiling fan rhythmically ran with this immense hallow feeling of nothingness. I completed my undergrad at the time and my parents were proud; extended families congratulated me and asked whether I was excited or not. No. I … Continue reading The Dot.

The Final Page in my Passport

My trip to Vietnam didn't go as expected this time. When I was a child, I recalled how my parents told me there will be a day where we could all go as a family to Vietnam, but I knew it was merely a desire that was hard to attain. It wasn't until I taught in South … Continue reading The Final Page in my Passport

“… A mean to an end, but not an end in itself.”

Often times, I find myself wasting my hours away on Facebook. I never regret traveling abroad, but of course there are times where I can’t help but envy some of my friend’s lifestyle. They celebrate the holidays with their family, cook for their love ones, play with their adorable dog, and actually rooted in a … Continue reading “… A mean to an end, but not an end in itself.”

“Happiness is a Curious Thing.”

Happiness is not always an easy concept to grasp.Yet, living in the Philippines definitely challenged my way of defining the term. There are days where I am filled with curiosity. I wonder how the friendly locals or the happy, and oblivious malnourished children with no shoes on would define happiness? Perhaps what appears to be … Continue reading “Happiness is a Curious Thing.”

Putting myself in your Shoes

I’ve recently moved to the Philippines for my exchange study program. Unlike any other countries I’ve traveled and lived in, the Philippines already casted such a strong impression on me. Wi-Fi is not easily accessible, and wandering alone at night is not recommended. Children carry around plastic bags and pick up trash for cash. Families … Continue reading Putting myself in your Shoes

Where is Home?

People say traveling broadens your horizons. Traveling helps you become more versatile with changes,and understand your purpose in life. I’ve been on the go for the past five years. I've studied in  Japan, worked in South Korea, lived in New York, studied in  Italy, and now heading to the Philippines! WHEW! By this rate, I’ve honestly forgotten … Continue reading Where is Home?