Profound 23

사본 -7070716659_74910b4f3c_k
Leaving a trace of light

The number 23 sometimes still seems very unfamiliar to me.

I am now 23 and with less than 3 months remaining I’ll be 24. Looking back at my life within the past year, I’ve realized how much I’ve grown mentality and spiritually. I’m still growing each day in the way I think, the way I believe, and the way I live my life. Yet, life is always a learning process, and I’m still this little ordinary girl trying to explore this extraordinary world.

For the past year in Asia, I was fortunate enough to independently reflect upon matters without any restrictions, nor bounded by any conventional rules, and what the society expects me to be. I’m free to express my ideas, and practice what I truly believe in. Most of all, I’m able to reach out to others, being this ‘little light’ for others.

With each person which I’ve come to encounter in my life, I consider them all a blessing, a grace. I thank God for a chance to meet them, a chance to listen to what they have to share, and a chance to just be a part of their lives.

We live in this life, we say hello, we say goodbye. In this extraordinary world, there may be so many changes from time to time. Yet, with every minute that comes to pass, I want to cherish the current moment. I am now only 23, and it will briefly pass on by too. Until then, I will continue to live happily in this state of blissfulness and thankfulness.

I am 23 and I desire to dream far, I want to be an inspiration for others, and hopefully leave a trace of my light behind as I go further into this life.

With sincere love,


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