Young, Invincible, Eternal

be freeOn an ordinary Saturday mid afternoon, I biked about 42 km back and forth. It felt so nice, I felt so free as I strolled away into the wind. The sun beamed down on me and the little wild daisies were swaying back and forth in the breeze. I couldn’t have been happier, feeling any freer than I was.

Usually when I wake up each morning, I have this tendency to screen my facebook messages, newsfeed with my eyes half open. Recently, I’ve decided to change that habit into watching something meaningful, and inspirational in order to start off my day. As if there were no coincidences, I’ve came upon a Ted Talks video called “What a Bike Ride can Teach You.” The speaker talked about his biking experience in Israel, his connection with mother nature, and how a bike ride could actually contribute to our well-being. It’ll make you feel “Young, invincible, and eternal.”

It’s crazy to say, but yes “time flies.” Only 2 months remaining until a whole new year begins, not to mention we all would age by a year or two. Yet, age is only a number. To me, we could always be youthful no matter how old we are; it’s the mentality that really counts. Throughout our lives, we go on about our mundane activities, and there will be certain moments where we would come to experience a wide range of emotions: success, failure, happiness, resentment, sorrows, contentment, exhaustion, and so on. Because life is so fragile, and we are so vulnerable, I believe that our invincible moments could only be relied on our Heavenly Father.

As I continued to leisurely stroll along that mid afternoon, I felt as if there were no certain destination points. All of my worries, my fears, and anything that bothered me subsided. I just kept pedaling, meanwhile embracing the sun’s radiance. Occasionally, I would take a break by the riverside in order to capture pictures of the wild daises swaying back and forth in the breeze. A moment like this was so blissful, so peaceful, and perhaps unbelievably sacred to me. Within the 2 hours that I biked, my thoughts were positively consumed by a sense of appreciation for the profound beauty surrounding me. With that, I closed my eyes for a brief moment to simply say “Thanks Father!” 😀

I hope that for each and everyone’s lives aside from our daily, mundane and monotonous activities, we can always a find a time to be free; a time to live out of the conventional rules that bounds us, and what society believes to be right in contrast to what we truly and faithfully believe in. Further on, I hope that we could come to always be young at heart no matter how old we may turn to be. May we always feel invincible and remain strong even in the hardest and toughest times, and finally feel eternally connected to what our hearts are meant to follow or lead with Christ.

Happy strolling along,


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