Cảm ơn Việt Nam

From the bustling streets of motorbikes where they once pedaled their bicycles upon, to the dear old house they once resided in, I’ve retraced my steps to the place where my parents once left behind.

Recently, I’ve had an opportunity to briefly visit Vietnam once again. Within six days of traveling within Vietnam, I unknowingly felt this love and compassion for the country.

From the rich history of when Vietnam was colonized by France, to the fall of Saigon, things are slowly starting to transform. Vietnam is slowly on its advancement of globalization in the 21st century, and also becoming a popular tourist destination in Asia. Through its progress of development, poverty still remains in certain parts of the country.


With sweat beads trickling down their foreheads against the summer’s heat, there are still children as young as 6 selling candy on the streets in order to make a living. There are still elderly people with a carrying pole on their backs selling vegetables for a daily living. Persistence and endurance are perhaps what keeps them going day by day.


Growing up, I’ve never understood the hardships my parents had to go through in order to raise me. Recalling to my childhood, it was perhaps the most difficult transition for my parents. They endlessly worked night shift hours while going to school in the daytime to achieve their GED degree. As every normal child would yearn for what they did not have, or for an endless affection and undivided attention, these yearnings were highly difficult to attain from my parents at the time. I recalled how they would respond to my frustration with the following words, “You’ll eventually understand.”

Visiting Vietnam for the second time was unexpectedly enlightening; it helped me to know more about my parents’ motherland. The discovery profoundly helped me to understand, appreciate, and cherish the sacrifice my parents made in order for me to have a better opportunity. With all the occurrences that took place in Vietnam’s history, I am truly thankful because it simply reminded me to never forget my true roots.

Thoughts and all,


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