A Remarkable Tapestry

“The universe is a trillion threads moving in seemingly unrelated directions. Yet when you look at them together, they create a remarkable tapestry.” Richard Paul Evans

Bursts of excitement, exhilaration, the countdown, the resolutions… Once again, it’s a new welcoming for the arrival of 2016.

As I bid farewell to 2015, I took some time to reflect on the wondrous blessings God has given me while I was in South Korea. From the days of contentment, to the days of disappointments, the experiences all linked together to make the best of 2015.

While it is inevitably difficult to hold onto the BEST TIME of our lives, there comes a beauty in embracing a new, unwritten page; there lies a mystery, a hope for joyful things to come.

Inserting the unfamiliar 6 into the 201, I also feel hopeful for what lies ahead of me. A brand new start. A return to school in order to further an understanding for promoting intercultural awareness, while utilizing the skills into the community.

Realistically acknowledging that I’m only an individual, I idealistically believe that each individual are capable of contributing world peace in our relationships, community, and our nation. With how to foster peace, there may never be ONE right approach or solution. Yet, as a thread weaving in extraneous directions, we are able to create a tapestry. We are are able to connect as a whole, despite the different colors, and where we derived from.

One of my perhaps most bizarre resolutions this year is to be that thread weaving for a new discovery in a different country. Immersing in a different culture and language; the love and understanding for the differences with unfamiliar people.

As nervous as I am to start this new journey, I am wholly thrilled and confident that on this path… I will be able to weave a marvellous tapestry by the end of 2016.

Until then, to be continued…

Cheers to a joyful, bright, and humble New year. Arrivederci 2015, ciao 2016.


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