“…Taste Experience to the Utmost…”

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”  Eleanor Roosevelt  As I start to pack up the remaining things, I can't help but recall the flashbacks of how my first day in South Korea led up to… Continue reading “…Taste Experience to the Utmost…”

Cảm ơn Việt Nam

From the bustling streets of motorbikes where they once pedaled their bicycles upon, to the dear old house they once resided in, I’ve retraced my steps to the place where my parents once left behind. Recently, I've had an opportunity to briefly visit Vietnam once again. Within six days of traveling within Vietnam, I unknowingly… Continue reading Cảm ơn Việt Nam

The Natural World

My father is in his late 50's. Year after year, he often told us how he yearned to move back to Vietnam when he retires. He wants to live in the countryside where he could relax, and not have to keep up with the world's expectation. My mother and I laughed to ourselves thinking there's no way he would… Continue reading The Natural World

The Big Dipper

The night was very still and the dark skies were painted with sparkling stars. As I stood and star gazed, I spotted a big dipper vividly beaming among the mystical night skies. After being gone for a year and a half in Korea, I revisited my hometown recently. As I shortly returned to a small… Continue reading The Big Dipper

Inner Nothingness

People often say there are no such things as "thinking of nothing," because even if you're thinking of nothing, you're still thinking of something. Yet, for the first time yesterday, I've realized there are such things as inner nothingness. As I took my evening walk around the neighborhood before the early sunset, my thoughts were consumed… Continue reading Inner Nothingness

Young, Invincible, Eternal

On an ordinary Saturday mid afternoon, I biked about 42 km back and forth. It felt so nice, I felt so free as I strolled away into the wind. The sun beamed down on me and the little wild daisies were swaying back and forth in the breeze. I couldn't have been happier, feeling any freer than… Continue reading Young, Invincible, Eternal